'Party of the Year' Next Saturday

Friends of Dormont Pool will again host the fundraiser at a Dormont native's Mt. Washington home.

Friends of will host its Party of the Year next Saturday evening, Aug. 11, and the party will once again be held at the beautiful Mt. Washington home of Peter Karlovich and Steve Herforth.

Karen Gottschall, chairperson of the fundraising committee for Friends of Dormont Pool, said , and that the house is what makes the party.

The home is co-owned by Karlovich and Herforth. Karlovich is a native, who Gottschall said supports the pool because he went there often when he was growing up.

“This is one of our annual events for the pool, and we’re lucky enough to have the offer of this house on Mt. Washington,” Gottschall said. “It’s just a beautiful house. It has the pool and view and the fire pits. It’s a great time.”

Wine, specialty drinks and catered appetizers will be served at the event. There also will be a silent auction of artwork donated by local artist Johno Prascak. Prascak, who now has a studio in Pittsburgh’s South Side neighborhood, also grew up in Dormont.

At a cost of $60 per person, this is a more high-end fundraiser, Gottschall said. However, Friends of Dormont Pool hosts a number of other fundraisers throughout the year that are accessible to everyone.

The organization holds a St. Patrick’s Day party each year, as well as an annual pub tour and a letter campaign requesting donations.

Saturday's fundraiser is by invitation, but Gottschall said anyone could request and be granted a ticket. For tickets, see the Friends of Dormont Pool website.

“It’s a fabulous house and a fabulous event,” Gottschall said. “It’s a very fun time and a great way to support the pool.”

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coreylahey August 02, 2012 at 01:08 AM
Does the $60 go straight to Dormont Pool or do the owners of a certain club get a cut of the action?
Drew Lehman August 02, 2012 at 05:29 AM
The $60.00 does indeed go to the pool. The FODP does a great job raising funds for the pool. They have stepped up twice in the past two years when emergency repairs were required at the pool. This is in addition to the yearly investments (picnic tables, new chairs) and pool amenities (new vacum, volley ball set-up) that they provide for the pool,


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