Dormont Businesses Go Green

The Green Business Blitz is coming to Dormont on Aug. 4.

Dormont businesses are going green, with a little help from local organizations dedicated to the cause.

On Aug. 4, the Allegheny Together Program, along with Penn Future and Pittsburgh Climate Initiative will host the Green Business Blitz on Potomac Avenue.

“This initiative is called The Black and Gold City Goes Green, and it got started because it’s the community arm of Pittsburgh Climate Initiative,” said Virginia McGrath, who is working with Penn Future and helping with the campaign.

McGrath said the neighborhoods—which included Oakland and Regent Square earlier this year—were chosen because they wanted to work not only with city neighborhoods, but with the suburban communities.

Between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Aug. 4, an information booth will be set up on Potomac Avenue near Hollywood Theater where people can go to register and get information about the businesses participating.

They can then visit each of those businesses, where volunteers will be handing out free, eco-friendly items, such as energy efficient light bulbs, smart power strips and more.

So far, , , and have signed on to participate, and McGrath said she expects others to join before the end of the month. She said other businesses have committed to providing specials the day of the event to people carrying Green Business Blitz forms.

Participants will be given Green Business Blitz forms when they register. Those who visit all businesses on the list will be qualified to win a grand prize.

McGrath said she couldn’t say what the grand prize would be, but she did offer some details about it.

“It will definitely be something that has a good amount of value to it and is in the realm of energy and water saving,” she said.

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