Local Educators Inducted Into Hall of Fame

Two Duquesne University professors living in the South Hills–one from Scott Township and another from Mt. Lebanon–were induced into the school’s Research Hall of Fame last week.

Two Duquesne University professors living in the South Hills–including one from Scott Township–were induced into the school’s Research Hall of Fame last week for their work at the institution.

Dr. David Seybert, who lives in and has been the dean of the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences since 2000, was inducted for his research and funding in the field on May 31.

The school announced that Seybert has been awarded $1.8 million in the past decade for research in science education, diversity initiatives and research. Seybert has also been instrumental in the annual $2 million that the school receives in outside funding, according to Duquesne.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rick McCown, a Mt. Lebanon resident who is a professor at the School of Education’s Department of Foundation and Leadership, also was inducted into Duquesne University’s Hall of Fame during the ceremony.

The school said he has published eight books about the teaching and learning process, along with various articles, reports and other teaching resources. He also has received several other honors, including the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching at Duquesne, according to the school.

Both inductees received a set of personalized trading cards highlighting their expertise and work.

This article originally appeared on Chartiers Valley Patch.


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