Dormont Residents Still Owed CENTAX Refunds

Residents from Dormont and surrounding communities might still be owed refunds and could still be waiting for checks to be cashed, said Dormont's borough manager.

If you’re still having trouble getting that refund or cashing that check through CENTAX, you’re not alone.

Central Tax Bureau, which formerly handled earned income tax for Dormont Borough and several surrounding communities, closed suddenly last year and borough manager Jeff Naftal said there still are residents in Dormont and surrounding communities who are owed refunds.

Naftal posted this information on the Dormont Borough website recently:

“Throughout this summer and the end of the year, we have been responding to residents about problems with CENTAX, Central Tax Bureau and their failure to cash checks or issue refunds for 2011 and prior taxes. As was reported to Council, CENTAX has gone out of business.  Council authorized the Borough's Solicitor to join in a lawsuit with other municipalities which was initiated by Green Tree to get all of our records, all monies owed, and all refunds owed from CENTAX. Last month a receiver was appointed by the Court to oversee the dissolution of CENTAX and to ensure that all funds were distributed appropriately. That receiver has submitted their first report and a copy is below. Future updates from either the receiver or others will be posted here for public review.”

“What’s happening now is that a lot of people are owed refund money and they can’t get it,” Naftal said. “Also, a number of people sent money in to CENTAX as payments, but their check were never cashed.”

Residents will not face late-payment penalties if they sent checks to CENTAX as payments and the checks were never cashed, Naftal said. He also said that people who are entitled to refunds will get their refunds, although there’s no definite timetable for when that will happen.

As of 2012, Jordan Tax Service is handling EIT for Dormont Borough.

Naftal said those with questions about their tax refunds or payments should not call CENTAX. Residents should instead call Dormont Municipal Center, or should call Jordan Tax Service.

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