Schmotzer Saves Local Tax Money

The Brookline representative details ways in which he is saving taxpayer money.

Martin Michael Schmotzer, D-, has carried out in the early days of his time as a state representative that will save thousands of dollars of taxpayer money.

Many of those savings are attributed to cuts to the cost of maintaining his Brookline Boulevard office.

Schmotzer represents Pennsylvania's 22nd House District, which includes Brookline and Beechview.

Schmotzer calculated the savings at around $43,000 on an annual basis.

He detailed the savings as follows:

  • Declined state health insurance for himself and his family (savings of $31,000 on an annual basis).
  • Declined to take a state car (savings of $650 per month, or $7,800 per year).
  • Declined state auto insurance (savings of $150 per month, or $1,800 per year).
  • Canceled the cleaning service for  (savings of $173.88 per month, or $2,086.56 per year).
  • Canceled the window-washing service for his Brookline office (savings of $20 per month, or $240 per year).
  • Reused an existing sign outside of the Brookline office (savings of $706.20).

Schmotzer said that he has also reduced the cost of staffing at that district office, located at 900 Brookline Blvd., resulting in more savings.

"Not bad for the first week in office," he said in a May 16 news release.

MSgt. John DeLallo June 06, 2012 at 02:40 PM
Yup, good old Marty is a savings machine--until he gets to Harrisburg. If any of you happened to catch him on PCN yesterday during floor debates on the upcoming fiscal year budget, he's ready to rock and roll by taking as much of your money as he can and spending it as freely as possible. Typical tax and spend guy. I sure hope voters in the 22nd wake up between now and then and vote for Cratsley.


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