Plenty at Stake for Brookline Voters This April

Because of a vacant 22nd House District seat, April 24 is more than a primary.

22nd House District Primary/Special Election

Pennsylvania's 22nd House District has been without a representative since mid-January when to focus on being the newly elected controller of Allegheny County.

That will change on April 24, though, when voters will not only decide who will represent the major political parties that hope to fill the 22nd District seat after November's general election but also who will represent that district until then.

Since Wagner's House of Representatives term is not yet complete, and because the 22nd District's move to the eastern part of the state due to population shifts has, at least temporarily, been put on hold by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, someone must fill the remainder of Wagner's term, starting on April 24.

Enter Democrat Martin Michael Schmotzer—a resident, former Allegheny County deputy clerk of courts and longtime —and Republican Chris Cratsley, of Pittsburgh's Overbrook neighborhood.

While contending for their parties' nominations come November for the 22nd District seat, Schmotzer and Cratsley have also been nominated by their parties' state political leaders to contend on April 24 in a special election to fill the rest of Wagner's term.

In other words, Schmotzer's and Cratsley's names appearing more than once on the April 24 ballot is not a mistake.

But even if Schmotzer beats out Cratsley for Wagner's seat on April 24, he could end up not having a chance to defend that seat in November. Two other Democratic candidates—Shawn Lunny, of Pittsburgh's Brookline neighborhood, and Erin Molchany, of the Mount Washington neighborhood—will challenge Schmotzer in April for their party's appearance on the November general election ballot.

Cratsley, meanwhile, is running unopposed for the Republican nomination.

The entirety of the 22nd District includes parts of city neighborhoos Overbrook, Brookline, Mount Washington, Beechview, Duquesne Heights, Manchester, Sheraden and Esplen, as well as the suburbs Whitehall,  and Castle Shannon Borough.

Which District Am I In?

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How Do I Register to Vote? (Deadline for Primary Is March 26.)

Click here to register.

Only registered Democrats can vote for either Schmotzer, Lunny or Molchany in the 22nd District primary, and only registered Republicans can vote for Cratsley in that primary.

However, ALL VOTERS can vote for either Schmotzer OR Cratsley in the special April 24 election to fill Wagner's vacant seat.


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