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Election 2012: Kane Will Be First Woman, First Democrat Elected to Hold PA Attorney General Post

Pennsylvania voters elect their first woman and first Democrat to be the state's attorney general.

Kathleen Kane achieved two firsts in her Pennsylvania attorney general election victory:

  • First woman to be elected attorney general
  • First Democrat to win the top prosecutor's post

She defeated Republican David Freed 56 to 41 percent in unofficial results from Tuesday's voting.

Kane won the support of Lehigh Valley voters on her way to statewide success:

Lehigh County

  • Kane: 74,854
  • Freed: 55,440

Northampton County

  • Kane: 66,772
  • Freed: 52,675

Kane, 46, is a former Lackawanna County prosecutor who will now oversee an office with a staff of about 700 and subject to legislative battles over a budget that now stands at $81 million, according to a Philly.com report.

Kane had a slight fundraising edge in the race. 

Both candidates pledged a review of the Jerry Sandusky child rape case and its handling by former Attorney General Tom Corbett, now the state's governor.

JS November 09, 2012 at 12:00 PM
Finished in this case is defined by thoughoughly looking into who knew what was going on with Sandusky and finding out if their actions or lack of actions contributed to more crimes being committed. They've gone through the entire athletic dept. and leadership of Penn St., as they should have. Time to look outside the state-run school and see if anyone else looked the other way when further horrible crimes could have been prevented, especially by those entrusted to prosecute and prevent the continuation of a criminal activity. Finished, to me, is not when the news cycle is done and we need to direct our limited attention to something else, or we've already spent enough money and time. Finished is when we know that everyone who committed a crime or allowed a crime to happen has been punished. Kids were hurt and scarred for life, I think it's the least we can do.
Roger November 10, 2012 at 01:44 AM
JS, clearly you are not understanding my point. I will put it succinctly: Wrongdoing is not graded on a curve. Timothy McVeigh has zero to do with this case. Bringing in something like this is to obfuscate the matter. The Sandusky case had all the things that made it work for huge public consumption: sex, abuse of boys, high-profile athletic department and brand name coach, divisive perception of the college. With the many, many cases of sexual abuse of children, the media had a high-yielding field. It was the media dream case, and promoted as such. No other case received this kind of coverage. I contend, and nobody chooses to refute the argument, that the news consumers sucked up all the nectar of the stories. Of all the news stories, this one sopped up much of the oxygen in the room. People like to follow stories in which the villain is a scumbag in their view. Again, why? Because it makes them feel so much better about themselves. Your comment proved my point, "... I've done bad, but nothing like Sandusky....," as if your wrong-doing was better. Ha, ha, ... Kidding yourself, huh? Relativism has seeped into the thinking on many fronts, and this is one of them. What sets your moral compass that says, "I am OK because I don't sexually abuse boys like Sandusky?" The reason people want more investigation is keep Sandusky's name in the news. I'm sorry, but your idea of "finished" lacks definition. There will always be one more rock to overturn.
NE12Ukid November 10, 2012 at 04:09 AM
"my interest is seeing that all players in the tragedy are held responsible and accountable " I agree, Janis. Would they have been satisfied that the hijackers of 9-11 all died and that a lot of the key players were captured/killed, and say let's just let Osama binLaden go, and let's just "address current matters"? Same thing here, if there are still guilty parties out there, they ALL should be brought to justice.
NE12Ukid November 10, 2012 at 04:43 AM
Yes! This is what we have been discussing. "Both candidates pledged a review of the Jerry Sandusky child rape case and its handling by former Attorney General Tom Corbett, now the state's governor."
JS November 10, 2012 at 11:40 AM
Roger - your point has been pretty consistent. You want the investigation to end for two reasons: One - We all do wrong and people just want to continue this to make themselves feel better about our own crimes and misdemeanors. I still find this argument attempts to trivialize the serious damage that was done to children in this case by comparing it to minor trangressions that we all have in our closet. Two - The media has oversaturated us with this story because of the people involved, the college it occured at and the type of crime committed. Therefore we should just put this to bed because it could be neverending and too expensive. I don't refute the oversaturation of this story, I just reject it as a reason to stop investigating those that may have allowed the crimes to go on and create more victims of this monster. I understand your points, I just reject them. Good luck against Nebraska today.


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