Tires Slashed on Espy, Edgehill in Dormont

Dormont police are investigating several reports of tires slashed on Espy Avenue and nearby streets.

Dormont police are investigating several reports of tires slashed on vehicles parked on Espy Avenue and nearby streets.

Police Sgt. James Burke said seven vehicles were damaged in this latest spree. Several of the cars were parked in the 2600 block of Espy Avenue and others were parked on Edgehill Street when they were damaged Nov. 4. One vehicle in the 1300 block of Arkansas Avenue was reported damaged on Nov. 5.

The vehicle’s owners found and reported the damage the mornings of Nov. 4 and 5, Burke said. He said although that is the same weekend trick-or-treat was held in the borough, there does not seem to be any correlation.

Burke said the incident caused more than an inconvenience for some residents, one of whom was a mother who noticed the damage to her car as she was preparing to take her child for an appointment at Children’s Hospital.

“People don’t realize the hidden costs when they do this,” Burke said. “It’s more than just the money. People were trying to get to work. They were trying to get to church.”

He said the unique thing about these incidents is that the tires damaged were the ones facing the street side, not the sidewalk. That means the vandal likely was walking down the street, possibly in plain view, while committing the vandalism.

Similar incidents were reported in August on Voelkel and Connecticut avenues.

Burke said anyone who sees anything suspicious in their neighborhood should call the police immediately.

“We ask anyone, if they see anything out of the ordinary or suspicious, please don’t hesitate to call the police,” he said.

Dormont police can be reached by calling 911, or 412-561-8900.

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T&B T November 12, 2012 at 11:04 PM
Lousy bastards!


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