Info to Know: Change to Dormont Police Non-Emergency Number Listing

The non-emergency number for Dormont police has changed on the borough’s website, but the number itself is actually nothing new.

A different non-emergency phone number for the Dormont Police Department is now listed on the Dormont Borough website, but the number itself is nothing new.

The non-emergency phone number for the Dormont Police Department is—and always has been—412-473-3056. This number rings to a 911 dispatcher, who can take and immediately relay a message to a Dormont police officer.

Police Sgt. Ralf Zawischa said this is the non-emergency number that always has been posted in the lobby of the police department. However, until recently, the non-emergency number listed on the borough’s website was the phone number for Dormont Municipal Center, with the three-digit extension for the police desk.

Zawischa said the extension was correct, but if an officer was out on a call, he might not immediately get a message that was left at the police desk.

By calling the other number, which rings to a 911 dispatcher, the dispatcher can immediately contact an officer, or pass a message on to an officer, as well as respond to the caller.

“It’s supposed to ring to 911, so don’t get nervous,” Zawischa said. “When you call that number, you can talk to the dispatcher and he can contact us, or you can still leave a message."

Zawischa said calling the non-emergency number—rather than calling the municipal building and dialing the police desk extension—streamlines the process of police response because if an officer is out of the station, messages can be dispatched to the police car.

The number 412-473-3056 is for non-emergency matters when police are needed. For emergencies, residents should continue to call 911.

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