Brookline Man Wanted by Pittsburgh Police After Operation: Stink Bug

An arrest warrant has been issued for Charles Harness of Brookline in connection with a drug roundup Tuesday.

The Pittsburgh Bureau of Police C-TIPS conducted Operation: Stink Bug Tuesday to eradicate illegal narcotics activity within the downtown Pittsburgh area, resulting in 31 arrest warrants and 17 arrests.

The drug arrests resulted from a culmination of months of undercover investigations, surveillance and numerous felony undercover drug buys concentrated in the Downtown and Edgebrook/Route 51 areas of the city.

The 14 individuals still with outstanding warrants are from various areas of the city and suburbs, including Charles Harness, 38, of Brookline, who is still at large.

According to Pittsburgh police, others sought in relation to Operation: Stink Bug are: Bruce Wenzig, 50, of the West End; Cavell Watkins, 49, of Bloomfield; Christine Lugaila, 39, of the North Side; Cynthia Puzas, 58, of Arlington; Kristin Christopher, 26, of East Liberty; Kathleen Ketter, 54, of Castle Shannon; Keith Kemp, 53, of Uptown; Thomas Senecey, 50, of Brentwood; Clyde Grisham, 45, of the Hill District; Dawanda Fisher, 42, of Bloomfield; Joseph Fisher, 44, of Bloomfield; Denise Flick, 45, of East Pittsburgh; and Gregory Lenhart, 57, of Mt. Lebanon.

Six individuals were arrested on-sight for their participation in felony undercover drug buys and nine non-traffic arrests were executed with the suspects being transported to the Allegheny County Jail without incident prior to today.

Arrested and charged with possession and possession with intent to deliver were: John O'Brien, 30, of Monroeville; Thomas Kulasa, 30, of McKees Rocks; Jeffrey Voelzke, 26, of Lawrenceville; Leanne Crawford, 28, of Ingram; Meclynn Stuver, 31, of the North Side; Kathleen Conway, 56, of Arlington; Kathleen Trinkala, 53, of the North Side; Kimberly White, 49, of the Hill District; Dennis Moore, 47, of McKeesport (three counts); Michael Hasch, 33, of Bethel Park; John Kirk, 31, of Mt. Oliver (two counts); and Jeremiah Eccles, 27, of the North Side.

Douglas Woods, 40, of Greensburg was charged with possession with intent to deliver a non-controlled drug. Tyanne Piner, 33, of Oak Hill was charged with possession of a controlled substance and delivery of a controlled substance.

James Moore, 52, of Braddock, and Thomas Piotrowski, 53, of Polish Hill were each charged with possession, possession with intent and criminal conspiracy.

Six individuals were arrested and charged prior to the Operation: Stink Bug roundup. They are: Shannon Mullen, 21, of Glenshaw, possession of a controlled substance; Jay Fisher, 30, of Bethel Park, possession and possession with the intent to deliver; Eugene Britt, 53, of Uniontown, impersonating a police officer; Holly Cope, 34, of Pleasant Hills, possession and possession with the intent to deliver; and David Chavarrie, 47, of Carrick, possession and possession with the intent to deliver.

In addition to Pittsburgh C-TIPS, the operation included the city's intelligence, narcotics/vice units and Zone 2 detectives and patrol officers along with the assistance of the Allegheny County Adult Probation and Port Authority Police.

Joseph Gambaro October 04, 2011 at 02:37 PM
the next time somebody asks you for a cold tablet watch you could be giving it tothe lazy trappers of the vice squad overpaid and bored and a waste of taxpayers money


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