Brookline Cars Shot by BB Guns on Christmas

Four reports of cars being shot by BB guns were made over the holiday.

Playing with a BB gun on Christmas seems like a cliché, thanks to 24-hour marathons of a movie that warns us about shooting our eyes out.

But someone in Brookline used the iconic pop-culture toy to cause real damage over the holiday.

Four cars in Brookline have broken windows after being shot with a BB Gun on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Two incidents—in which one car on Dunster Street and one on Whited Street were damaged by BB guns—were reported to Pittsburgh Police on Dec. 24.

Two more cars, both on Merrick Avenue, were reported to have broken windows on Dec. 25.

According to a report by WPXI, none of the victims reported anything stolen. Anyone with information is asked to contact the police.

MSgt. John DeLallo December 28, 2011 at 01:31 PM
Guns in the hands of a four year old are, I'm sure most would agree, pretty foolish. There are enough (nearly 600 per year) fatal gun accidents every year that cause lifelong scars for surviving parents. Even though that number is the lowest in decades, its still too high. Yes, I know this article is about BB guns, but they can be lethal, as well as enough to "shoot your eye out". Guns, especially BB guns, in the hands of nitwit teens with no direction or moral compass are equally as dangerous. I can't figure out what the fascination is in destroying another man's property. Hopefully the children who decided to take a Christmas joy ride that simply had to include such mischief will be caught. The criminal justice system, especially for youth, is laughable. While being placed in the stocks and held to ridicule by the entire community for a few days likely won't come back, monetary fines and time in Schuman Center may not be the best alternative for some children. I like the idea of quid pro quo. The car owners have been inconvenienced, likely lost a few hours or days work, and the punishment then, should fit the crime. Painting homes, raking leaves, making necessary repairs to sidewalks and driveways, and a public apology printed in the local paper might just inconvenience a child to the same degree as he inconvenienced the owner of the car. District Magistrates-are you reading this???


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