Fiscal Cliff Notes: Give the Middle Class a Break, Not Donald Trump

As the fiscal cliff talks continue, media reports show that House Republicans' like Rep. Tim Murphy are throwing a wrench in negotiations so that they can protect the tax cuts for the wealthiest 2%.

Once again, the House of Representatives is earning its famous distinction of being the most disliked congressional class in history. As the fiscal cliff talks continue, media reports show that Congressional Republicans' are throwing a wrench in negotiations so that they can protect the tax cuts for the wealthiest 2%. Republicans in the House should not hold middle class tax cuts hostage to give more tax breaks to the wealthy.


Republicans in the House like Rep. Tim Murphy claim that they cannot tax the top income earners more or else they will not be motivated to create jobs. The truth is that the Bush tax cuts did not create a single job. Politifact even discredited the claim by Speaker John Boehner that the Bush tax cuts created jobs. 


The middle class and all those working hard to get in it are the true engine of America's economic prosperity for all -- the real job creators who keep our country running and our businesses thriving and hiring. America's greatness comes from the people striving for a shot at the American dream, not lower tax rates for the already wealthy.


You don’t have to be an economist to know that trickle down economics does not work. The middle class has been waiting for the trickle down for years as the rich get even richer.


While more middle class families slip into poverty, corporate profits are at an all-time high as a share of the economy. While local families struggle to get by, more than two dozen big corporations paid no federal income taxes in the last four years, including GE and Verizon.


When corporations and the wealthy don’t pay their fair share in taxes, middle class families pay more and receive cuts to vital services. Comcast, Verizon and Donald Trump (legally) get away with not paying their tax bills and state and local governments are stuck making up the difference. The next time your local and school tax bills arrive, close your eyes and imagine the smile on Donald Trump’s face when he buys, yet another yacht for himself, instead of paying taxes towards transportation for everyone.  

Local and school tax bills go up when the federal government tightens its belt and communities see unprecedented cuts to health care, education and transportation. 

Corporate profits are now at an all-time high as a share of the economy, and America already has the second lowest effective corporate tax rate in the world.


It’s time we start asking the wealthy to pay their fair share and give the middle class a break.


Call Rep. Tim Murphy today and tell him to extend the middle class tax cuts: 866-426-2631


This holiday season, let’s make things merrier for middle families who are struggling instead of giving Donald Trump, yet another, present underneath his tree. 

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