Where to Get Taxes Done in Dormont and Brookline?

It's tax season, and if you don't do taxes yourself, here are some places that can help out.

One thing is certain this time of year: if you don't already have your W-2 forms, you'll be getting them soon, and that means it's time to start thinking about taxes.

Unless you're a tax wiz, or willing and able to figure it out yourself, you're probably going to look for help to make sure your taxes are done right.

If you'd rather meet with a person than a software system to get it done, here are some local places that can help:

  • H&R Block is located at 2889 West Liberty Avenue in Dormont. There also is a location in Banksville Plaza, at 3131 Banksville Road. See the H&R Block website to check out what the company offers.
  • Liberty Tax Service is located at 2888 West Liberty Avenue in Dormont. See the Liberty Tax Service website.
  • Jackson Hewitt Tax Service is located at 2883 West Liberty Avenue in Dormont. There also are locations at 3022 Banksville Road and at 3408 Saw Mill Run Blvd. See the Jackson Hewitt Tax Service website for more information.
  • is located at 2848 West Liberty Avenue and can be contacted at 412-344-4030.

Who did your taxes last year? Any place you would recommend?

If we missed anyone on this list—particularly small businesses who provide this service—please share in the comments!

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