What Did You Find Under the Christmas Tree?

Here's the best present I got, and the best present I gave. How about you?

When I started collecting vinyl records a couple of years ago, my collection quickly went from one album to roughly 40 ... and growing.

Needless to say, it was getting kind of hard to keep the collection safe without proper storage space. So the best thing I found under the Christmas tree this year was a record player stand with built-in storage. This website has a similar one.

The best (or at least, the most unique) gift I gave this year was a stuffed animal—a green, crocheted, zombie bunny rabbit—which a friend thought was hilarious. The zombie bunnies can be found at Eljay's Used Books in Dormont. I'll post a picture when I can.

What's the best gift you received this year? New iPad? Phone? Dream vacation? What's the best gift you gave to someone else?

Share in the comments—and happy unwrapping!


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