PublicStuff on Track for October Start

Dormont Borough employees completed a training course Monday for using the new public service software, which will be available Oct. 1.

Dormont Borough is on track to have the PublicStuff system in place on Oct 1, borough manager Jeff Naftal said Monday.

Dormont Borough employees took a training course Monday at the borough building to learn how the new public service software system will work, how requests will be filtered and who will track and respond to them.

“It’s not out there for the public yet, but we’re testing it internally and making sure everyone on the borough’s end understands how it works and what to do when requests come in,” Naftal said.

He said he expects the transition into using the system will be easy for staff as well as residents. The system will be heavily advertised once it is available for public use, and Naftal said the borough wants residents to be aware that the system is available, and how to use it.

Using a cell phone or computer, Dormont residents will be able to use the system to report code violations, service requests, complaints and other concerns, and track responses to their messages.

Naftal said there will be multiple ways to use the system. If a resident does not have a smart phone or the internet, the resident still can call a phone number and leave a message about an incident. In that case, the message would be recorded into the PuclicStuff system and would be responded to in the same way.

“We really hope that people will use this,” Naftal said. “It will make their lives simpler as far as reporting problems, but it will make our lives simpler in terms of making sure those things get addressed and nothing falls through the cracks.”

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Ed M September 18, 2012 at 11:05 AM
The test can be seen on the mobile app and full web site.


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