No Power Outages, Damage Reported in Dormont

A member of the Dormont Fire Department said given the amount of rain, last night was pretty quiet.

The amount of rain seems to be the only thing that made last night different from any other night in Dormont, at least for local emergency responders.

No reports of flooding, downed trees or downed power lines were reported to local emergency departments, said Jim Medsger, a desk officer for the Dormont Police Department and a member of the Dormont Volunteer Fire Department.

"We had two calls where wires were sparking, but Duquesne Light came out rather quickly and got it taken care of," Medsger said. "Those were the only calls the fire department was called out for overnight."

Both incidents of sparking wires occurred in the 3200 block of Eastmont Avenue. Medsger said Duquesne Light arrived quickly to correct the first problem, and was still on scene when a second wire sparked.

Although about 350 people in Allegheny and Beaver counties were without power Tuesday morning, the communities of Dormont and Brookline, as well as several surrounding communities, did not lose power last night.

Dormont-Brookline Patch followed this outage map from First Energy and this one from Duquesne Light last night and this morning, and so far, it looks like Dormont and Brookline are in the clear.

If you experience a power outage, you can report it to Duquesne Light by calling 1-888-393-7000 or by visiting www.duquesnelight.com.

What did you see outside this morning? Are tree branches down? Did your home or yard flood? Tell us in the comments!

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