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If not, you're missing out. Signing up for the free e-mail newsletter helps you keep up with what’s going on around town.

Are you signed up for the Dormont-Brookline Patch e-mail newsletter? If not, you could be missing out!

There's a lot happening in Dormont and Brookline, and the e-mail newsletter can help you keep on top of it all.

Just click here to sign up! You can choose to receive an e-mail daily or weekly, and sign up for Patch Deals. The Dormont-Brookline Patch newsletter features the top headlines on the site, blog posts, events and local announcements.

If you get the breaking news updates, Patch will send you an email when there's a local traffic jam, flash flood, fire or other breaking news story about your town.

If you want to submit news to the site so it has a chance to make in the newsletter, you can do that too! Just login and post to your heart’s content. Follow these links to get going:

Got photos of local sports or other events? Upload them to the Dormont-Brookline Patch Pics & Clips gallery!

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