Brookline's Food Mood Girl Publishes Second Book

Lindsey Smith's second book, "Bliss Cleanse," is available for pre-sale today, Monday, Feb. 4

Food Mood Girl Lindsey Smith of Brookline has published a second book, and it's available for pre-sale starting today, Monday, Feb. 4.

"Bliss Cleanse: Your Two-Week Mind—Body—Spirit Guide to Greater Health and Happiness" is available through the Bliss Cleanse website, and also through Smith's website, "The Real You."

Like her first book, Smith's new book is a guided diary that allows the reader to keep track of progress while following a healthy food program.

"This one is a little different than 'Junk Foods' because this one is more of a program," Smith said. "It’s broken into seasonal cleanses, and we focus on seasonal eating."

The book is broken into four parts, one for each season, and includes recipes, daily inspirational messages and guidance for eating well and keeping a healthy mindset.

"We wanted this to be a really complete guide for healthy eating and living," Smith said. "There are 101 seasonal recipes, 14 daily inspirations, 4 weekly meal guides, and general guidelines for a healthy life in this book."

Smith co-wrote the book with fellow health coach Lorraine Miller of New York. She said the they were proud of the outcome, but were even more pleased when the reviews started coming in.

"Bernie Siegel reviewed it, which is huge. That's a big deal for us," Smith said. "He’s really sought after in the community of integrated medicine. He was the first to really bring meditation and alternate healthy living options into hospitals."

Smith said a kick-off party will be held March 13 at Embody Natural Health in Lawrenceville. Copies of "Bliss Cleanse" and healthy food and drink options will be available. Ticket information is available on the "Bliss Cleanse" website.

"Bliss Cleanse" is available for pre-sale now, and will be available to the public through all major-market outlets in March.

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