Apps that pay! Earn cold hard cash and gift cards, just because you shop!

Apps that pay you cash, load them right onto your smart phone. If you shop and run errands make cash or earn gift cards while you are out!

It almost seems like Deja Vu that there are a few apps out there that pay you cash for using them when you are shopping. Oh yes, the Deja Vu almost a year to the day I published and presented a piece with Andrew Stockey covering exactly these apps and how they work, and now today there are a few more, which I would like to review.

Do you remember Field Agent? Andrew Stockey and I broke this one down piece by piece for you and showed you the App in action.

You download the App to your smart phone(iPhone), you put you zip code in, the app checks your local area to see where the 'jobs'  are in your area, and the pays you out for each job that you complete within a time frame (a few hours). Jobs you don't complete work against you. It is an excellent concept, but it is also hard if you are not good with a camera. You have to take pictures in retail stores, and often associates will come up and ask you NOT to take pictures in their stores. (Oh yes, I have had this happen, and note, MACY's even has a sign on their doors—no photography!)

The great thing about this app, you get to cash out immediately, you do not have to wait to hit $10. The downside, to my knowledge, it is still only for those with iPhones! The customer service department is OUTSTANDING with any questions.


I also wrote about this one last year, and I still am not a HUGE fan of the app. I am writing about it again, as it does pay cash out for you simply completing a task, as simple as buying something at a TARGET and taking a picture of yourself in front of Target with a Target Bag.

You are tracked via GPS to your phone to make sure you are actually complying with the rules. The downside to this APP is you have to actually do quite a few jobs, to get the $10 payout. You have to have $10 in your account to get the payout. The upside: you may have a lot of these products in your house and as long as you do you can earn points that will equal out to money. You also have to be able to photo yourself doing whatever the task is, so if you are camera shy, you won't succeed with this app.


Consumers check in via this APP and earn points and rewards for Checking in to these restaurants that serve PEPSI. The music is all current music. I love filling my iPhone up with all the FREE music! (this app is Geo-based). There is no downside to using this app.


If you shop you need this app. Simply stated, no matter where you are, check into the store, earn points and earn rewards. In addition, there are coupons that are available for those who use the app faithfully. If you shop somewhere and you don't have a coupon off the purchase, you might be able to find one here. The app asks you to scan particular items in a store and in return you earn points, points equal rewards. The more you use the app the more you earn and it costs NOTHING!

DOWNSIDE: Scanning products, employees get a little weird, or suspicious(yes, been there done this).

Upside: Perks for using the app.


Check into places you shop, and they are registered with over 1million places, earn rewards. The program is simple. Deals are offered, you earn prizes, gift cards, airline miles and gadgets. Each checkin is check points. Each check in is worth a different amount of points. Check into a place you shop, and then check (scan) the bar codes of products you are told. You earn points. Bring your friends, link your accounts, and earn more points. As you make points, redeem them for stuff like gift cards to restaurants, airlines, etc. The app gives you stuff back.

No real downside. You use the camera, use the phone as a scanner. Employees may ask you what you are doing, but you are earning for doing what you normally do—SHOP!


The CHECK TO WIN APP is great if you are a SAM's Club Shopper or WALMART Shopper.  Customer loyalty will pay off beyond anything YOU could imagine.  You will shop and be rewarded.  Install the APP and here are your 3 simple steps.

a) Check in to the store.

b) Scan and Spin (all on the app on the phone)

c) Get your rewards. Everyone WINS!

While learning new information is great, so is sharing. Please do not copy this information, please SHARE it and make sure to credit my site as the source. These APPS are all used by me. PFM is not endorsed by any of these sites or companies. These are written of my own free will.

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