Keep Your Healthy Resolution Going

Local businesses have the tools to help keep you healthy.

If you’re having a little trouble keeping your healthy New Year’s resolution going, chances are you’re not alone.

Colleen Kail, an employee at in Dormont, said the store always sees a rush of customers after the New Year. Many are trying to keep a New Year’s resolution to be healthier, she said, and weight loss seems to be a top goal.

“They want a quick fix, and of course there’s no such thing,” she said.

Kail said the Dewalt’s staff members—most of whom have worked at Dewalt’s for about 15 years—always suggests a few keys tips to help customers stay healthy. Multi-vitamins, fiber supplements, enzymes and protein powder are what most people have the most success with, she said.

But a couple of pills aren’t going to do the trick alone. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables really is one of the best ways to maintain good health, Kail said. She suggests eating what’s in season.

Exercise is important, too. Something as simple as walking a few blocks a few times a week can make a difference, she said.

“You need to move,” Kail said. “We’re lucky here in Pittsburgh because we have hills. You’ve got to keep your legs and core strong and walking the hills are good for that.”

Kail said those with a positive attitude typically are more likely to succeed with their healthy resolution, and those with health-related goals should surround themselves with people who are encouraging and positive.

“Stay with people who can be positive with you,” she said. “Don’t get mad at yourself if you fall because we all fall. It really is a matter of how many times you can get back up.”

Much of what Dewalt’s sells are food products and are normally safe to use, Kail said, but she said it never hurts to check with a doctor before you start taking a supplement.

Here are some other local businesses that could help you start the year off right. Click the links for more details:

  • Your Hometown Pharmacy

If you know of any other great places or healthy tips, share in the comments!

OrganicShopper22 April 09, 2012 at 08:56 PM
I've found that The Goodlife market on Banksville road has much better prices, friendlier staff, and a wider selection. Dewalts staff will try to push the most expensive products on you, but in Good life you can feel free to browse as much as you want with no pressure.


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