Gallery: Sarris Candies Opens After Fire

Retail Operations Manager Norm Candelore said, "It's all for the customers."

Easter is a holiday steeped in tradition, and for many families, the 30-minute trip from to in Canonsburg is one of them.

That tradition can go on unfettered starting today—because the retail shop in Canonsburg is now officially reopened.

, but the shop was in full swing Thursday, as customers perused everything from chocolate-covered pretzels to chocolate Easter bunnies.

Although the day was overcast, Spring looked like it had already arrived at the venerable shop, with pastel colors dominating the interior design.

Customers were greeted with oversized stuffed bunnies and at least one fluffy yellow duck at the door—as well as Retail Operations Manager Norm Candelore.

"Welcome," he said to each customer who walked in.

What did they walk out with? Along with their purchases, Sarris Candies gave each customer a small, pink box of candy with the a gold sticker that reads, "We're back thanks to you!"

"It's all for the customers," Candelore said of the .

Sarris Candies provides fundraisers to local schools, sports organizations and , and is sold locally at .


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