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Watch Doctor Who Series 7 Episode 4 Online – The Power of Three Online Full Length. The preview is here fans! “The Power of Three” is the fourth episode of the seventh series of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who that will air on BBC One and BBC One HD on 22 September 2012. It was written by Chris Chibnall and directed by Douglas Mackinnon.
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The story will feature Matt Smith as alien time traveller the Doctor and his companions, Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and her husband Rory (Arthur Darvill). It will be Amy and Rory’s penultimate episode. It will also feature UNIT[1] and will celebrate Amy and Rory’s time with the Doctor by telling it from their point of view and examining his influence on their lives. Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 The next day at noon, the Doctor and the cyborg face off. The Doctor grabs his sonic screwdriver rather than his gun, though, and causes a distraction. Jex is set free to return to his ship while the cyborg hunts through town for him. Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4
Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 Jex realizes that his crimes will follow him wherever he goes, and so he blows himself up in his ship. The cyborg, his purpose gone, plans to self-destruct as well. The Doctor, however, has a different idea. Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4
Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 The Doctor offers to take Amy and Rory on another adventure, but, like last week, they decline and ask to go home. Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4
Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4  Pam: “So, your mom’s a real b*tch.” The bond between Pam and her protégé grew this episode. Tara even hugged Pam after she reminded her that in a hundred years, Tara wouldn’t even remember her old mother. She has a maker now! Breaks over, Tara! Back on the pole! Back at the Authority HQ, Bill and Eric witnessed, and inevitably took part in, a ceremony honoring Lilith’s blood. That old blood isn’t symbolic, it’s actually hers! After witnessing Russell off a member who was opposed to this blasphemy, everyone hopped on the bandwagon and took a swig of blood. Nothing will happen, right?
Wrong! The entire vampire crew was Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 unbelievably wasted and obnoxiously marched through the streets, arrogantly assaulting humans. Lilith was their GPS. Eric gave Bill a piggy back ride, and Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian) hit on Russell. Not a bad match, if you ask me! The drunken mob waltzed into the middle of a wedding party at a bar and massacred everyone. Then, like a stripper popping out of a cake, Lilith herself appeared completely nude, to sing karaoke. No, there was indeed karaoke, but Lilith just walked around all nude and powerful. Nora was all for it. Godric (Allan Hyde) was not amused. He appeared to Eric and snapped him out of it. He pleaded with Eric to save Nora. She looks pretty unsalvageable to me. Eric looked over to Lilith only to see Nora staring into space.
Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 Jessica and Jason ended up having a massive blowout argument after they kissed and he tasted human blood on her lips. Jessica simply forgot that she had just been feeding. “It’s just like a cow,” she sort of insisted. To Jason, that translated to “you are basically just a cow.” She bit him, he shot her in the head, and he left. Upon leaving, Jason caught a glimpse of the lightning show Sookie was putting on. She decided to waste away her flashlight fingers after reminiscing on the past four seasons of being called a freak. Jason ran off to save the day.
What did you all think of the episode? Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4  Did Jessica deserve to get shot in the face? Is Pam the only lady left who can rock crimped hair? Who’s side is Molly on? Do you like superhero Sam? Is Tara a better stripper or bartender? In all seriousness, how the hell can anyone stop Lilith (if she’s real)? Call Sookie!.. yet again.
In one of the most ominous moments inDoctor Who history, the mother of all vampires, Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 Lilith, showed up to the party this week. She showed up late, but she still exists! At least, we think she exists! “In the Beginning” was full of twists and turns. While I can’t recall the last time the plot of this show seemed so chaotically complicated, I’m loving it!
The episode opened where the last left off. Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) were left in a tizzy after Roman met the true death. Russell (Denis O’Hare) pinned Eric up on a pillar, and was Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 “seized” by the authority. Bill and Eric realized they’d been duped by someone, or everyone, into recovering Russell. Molly (Tina Majorino) wants to know why her iStakes didn’t work!
Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 Meanwhile, we see a young girl looking on as the cyborg watches over Mercy, now wearing the marshal badge. Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 The narrator from the top of the hour returns to tell us that to this day the town relies on the gunslinger for protection. Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4
Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 What did you think of the episode? Should Jex have been sacrificed to save everyone in town? Is the Doctor darker when he’s alone? Leave your thoughts in the comments Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4

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