Tough Loss, Fun While It Lasted

Despite the loss, locals seemed to enjoy the game.

Pittsburgh went to the Super Bowl, and though the Steel City can't claim the championship title, spirits were high during the height of the neck-to-neck game at the in Brookline.

Terrible Towels flew in the air, friends chest-bumped and a chorus of “Here We Go Steelers” could be heard from a mile away

With the final score 25-31 and the Superbowl title going to the Packers, talk of "at least we got this far” and “Hey, listen, we got the Jets away from the Super bowl,” could be heard around the bar. 

“We could have won. We had a lot of turnovers. We could have played a better game,” Jaymie Jedlick said.

Despite the letdown, some of the Steelers fans at the Moonlite  could still be seen with their arms around one another, singing one last round of “Here We Go Steelers” before they left.

But it wasn't all fun and games. Some people had to work.

Nate Corry, manager at in Dormont, said business was about on par with a typical Sunday before the game.

There were fewer orders, he said, but they tended to be larger, which he attributed to Super Bowl parties.

Before the game, we were slamming … After the game started, it’s been pretty slow,” he said, adding he even sent a driver home.

Molly's had a TV, so workers could watch the game. Not so at Cogo's in Dormont, though they did have a radio.

Caryl Semplice, a cashier, said the store was busy before the game and again at half time.

Was she unhappy to be working?

"I’m at the bottom of the totem people. I'm the newest hire," she said. "But I don’t mind. I like football, but I need to pay my bills."


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