No Decision Yet in Brookline Post Office Closing

The office is still being studied, but no final decisions about closure have been made.

For Brookline residents who use the post office, there unfortunately aren’t many answers to questions of how long the branch will remain open. 

, and about whether the community would get to keep it’s post office.

An employee at the last Friday said she’d heard the office would be closing in May, but Tad Kelley, a USPS corporate communications officer in Pittsburgh, said plans for the Brookline branch have not been finalized.

“The Brookline office was on our original list of offices to be studied for feasibility,” he said. “We are still in the community input phase.”

Kelley said after a Nov. 17 community meeting, a proposal for closure was posted in the Brookline office. It’s still there, but that doesn’t mean the branch is any closer to being closed.

“A decision has not been rendered for that office as of yet,” Kelley said.


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