Local Businesses Help Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank

As a result of businesses that claimed their Patch directory listings during March, the food bank will get advertising credit on Patch.

The Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank will receive $1,300 in advertising credits on the 13 Patch sites in western Pennsylvania thanks to the many businesses, agencies and organizations that claimed their listings in the directories on each Patch site during March.

The food bank, which collects and distributes food throughout 11 counties in southwestern Pennsylvania, can use the advertising credit it accrued as a result of those donations for advertising space on every Patch site in the region.

The online directory is filled with businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations and everything else you come across here in the Dormont-Brookline Patch area.

When you claim your directory listing, you can add photos, update business hours and interact directly with users who post reviews—for free! Claiming these listings also increases your visibility on the Internet—another place for your business to attract the attention of potential customers.

Seven businesses in the Dormont and Brookline area claimed listing in March. Thank you to , , , , , , and !

If you didn't claim your listing yet, it's not too late! You can claim it at any time by following the easy steps in . We'll keep you updated about other opportunities to help out in the community!

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