'Get Your Bliss On' Through Spring Cleanse Program

Brookline author and nutritionist Lindsey Smith offers class to help jump start your healthy spring season.

A Brookline author is offering a nutrition class this month that will give participants the chance to do some spring cleaning on body and soul.

Lindsey Smith, author of will host a two-week online Spring Cleanse program that she said will give students a jump start into a healthier lifestyle. Registration ends Friday.

“Cleansing is really important because basically we live in a toxic world,” Smith said. “With the chemicals in our food, air, water, homes, those things build up in our bodies. Especially in our fast paced world, we’re kind of going, going, going, and we don’t take time to detox and kind of let our bodies breathe for a minute.”

Smith currently is a keynote speaker and one-on-one health coach for "The Real You," an organization she founded.

She said this program is a less intense way for people to get into detox and cleansing—both of which sound a little extreme. It’s a good idea to do a dietary cleanse at the start of each season, she said, because it helps prepare your body for the type of eating you do in each season. This is a real-world way to do it.

“People automatically think they have to starve themselves, or they can only drink juice or go on this crazy cleanse diet,” she said. “Those things can be good, but we wanted to do something that was less extreme for the average person.”

No fear, Smith said—the program focuses on a whole-foods based diet, so participants won’t feel hungry. The recipes provided are healthy, easy to make in your own kitchen and easy to incorporate into your routine after the program ends.

The program provides simple guidelines for eating well, shopping lists, recipes and meal plans.  Helpful tips and inspirational quotes will be sent daily to help keep students on track, and activities for mental cleansing also will be part of the course.

Since the course is online, Smith said, students will be able to talk through an online forum to keep each other motivated. At least two personal coaching calls also are part of the course, so participants can speak with Smith in person and ask questions. The whole course is designed to help people get on the right track with their health.

“This cleanse focuses on the mental aspect, too,” Smith said. “I’m big into foods and how it affects our moods, but the difference here is that there is going to be a lot of the mental cleansing going on and will help people conquer those cravings and have more energy and mental clarity.”

If you’re joining:

  • What: Spring Cleanse Program.
  • Where: Online course.
  • When: April 16 through April 30.
  • Cost: $37/$27 if you mention you saw the article on Patch!
  • Register here by Friday: The Food Mood Girl's website.

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