City Council Designates 'Brookline Breeze Heroes Day'

Pittsburgh City Council recognized a number of people who helped with a life-saving situation during the Brookline Breeze in August.

On Aug. 11, Brookline Boulevard was lined with vendors and visitors, cheering on the runners during Brookline Breeze.

But many were likely unaware of a situation happening just down the street, and one that could have had a much more serious outcome if it hadn't been for the quick thinking of a few runners.

A runner, Tim Keefer, who is a retired Pittsburgh Public Schools health teacher, collapsed near the corner of Brookline Boulevard and Whited Street shortly after the race began. Two other runners—Colin Hackman, a meteorologist from Wilmington, North Carolina, and Rizieri Valles, an off-duty Pittsburgh paramedic—left the race to help him.

Within four minutes, Pittsburgh Emergency Medical Services paramedics Stephen Carlson, Barry Warble, Ed Carlino, Jennifer Grub, Brad Ruppand, Scott Lowman, and Steven Joos were on the scene. Keefer was taken to Mercy Hospital and fitted with a pacemaker. He survived.

On Monday, Pittsburgh Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak and her fellow Pittsburgh council members sponsored a ceremony to honor those who helped, and to recognize Nov. 19, 2012 as Brookline Breeze Heroes Day in the City of Pittsburgh.

The situation was outlined in a release from Rudiak's office. Rudiak's district includes Brookline. According to a statement from her office, the incident demonstrates the care and consideration that Brookline is known for and shows how heroic actions canmake a difference in someone’s life.

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