Susan Rice---The Intelligence Community

Rice and the Intelligence Community


Anthony P. Joseph, Jr.

Susan Rice—The Intelligence Community

            So, let me see if I understand this?? 

            UN Ambassador Susan Rice went on tour one Sunday morning telling the world that the attack on the American compound in Benghazi was the result of an anti-Islamic film.  A film supposedly making fun of Mohammed; is that about right?

            After her tour, she is questioned, the White House is questioned, and the facts of the event apparently do not coincided with what she is saying.  We all know the answer given by the White House, faulting intelligence; those bad people in the CIA, had to be that general in charge---you that guy having a love affair, and other personas in the intelligence community.  So what she said was not really her fault.  She was just reiterating the facts as the facts were given to her.   But a lot of people keep on criticizing her; what did she really know, when did she know it, you, bad person, were racially bias, and the list goes on.  NOT HER FAULT----  She cannot be criticized. 

            But let’s go back in time.  I remember the intelligence community of the WORLD indicating that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was doing other questionable activities especially violating the UN sanctions, and not permitting nuclear inspectors in Iraq.  Hussein was a potential threat, a danger to mankind.  After all, he did use chemical weapons against the Kurds, he did stock pile weapons of mass destruction.  So, he must be stopped. 

            March, 2003, Iraq was invaded.  Why how dare the U.S. do such a thing?  The criticisms are a plenty as to the U.S’s ill-conceived war based on WORLD intelligence.  WORLD intelligence indicated that Saddam had these weapons and would use them.  But, when the world did not find weapons----wasn’t anthrax found??----the then President, George Bush and his administration was beaten down in the media—yes/no??  But the big door prize was not found, NUKES.  Why, Bush had an intelligence community failure.

            Bad intelligence—right?---wrong---?  President Bush was pulverized with criticism about how stupid and wrong it was to invade Iraq.  The criticisms were endless, and these criticisms still abound today.

            So, I ask you, why with one President, Obama, the talking points about bad intelligence are permitted, and with the other President, Bush, the talking points about bad intelligence, and the accompanying invasion were oh so wrong. 

            BY THE WAY------Have you notice that Benghazi is off the media’s radar and something called the FISCAL CLIFF is now the media’s focus----interesting.





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