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JS January 17, 2014 at 07:41 AM
Once again, Rep. Rothfus' post calls out for a reality check. The Republican opposition toRead Moreextending unemployment benefits - Rep. Rothfus says he's for it as long as it's paid for. In Republican speak, this means cuts elsewhere, not to try to find new sources of funding. As usual, there are no details on where Rothfus wants to cut. I think Rep. Rothfus owes it to his constituents to tell us what programs he wants to cut in order to find the money for the extension. I won't hold my breath. As for the SKILLS act that he says Harry Reid is holding up in the Senate - Here's a partial list of who else is against this act - AARP, Disabled workers advocacy groups including Goodwill, almost all organized labor groups, US Conference of Mayors, etc. etc. You see, it's not Harry Reid holding this up - it's a bad bill. The bill basically eliminates programs in place today, whether they're working or not, and gives money to states. It eliminates union representation on any boards that deal with job skills education, guts programs that promote job training for the disabled and basically will promote competition for limited funds among groups that are currently helping the jobless get training. Democrats in the house proposed their own job-training bill instead of the SKILLS act, which would look at current programs, keep the ones that are working and eliminate or change the ones that aren't. Of course the house Republicans voted it down and now complain that the Senate won't pass their flawed bill. Tea Party stalwart Rothfus has performed exactly as advertised in congress. I certainly hope the Tea Party backlash that is growing will sweep him out of office in the next election.
Robert January 18, 2014 at 04:08 PM
What a work of art he is....must be some savvy voters in the area. Just like every otherRead Morerepublican. ...lots of words that say absolutely nothing and do nothing but put you to sleep. let me guess.....he is all about job creation and wait....he wants reforms.......take away from the poor and middle class.....and give more to the rich....and og....wait...no more regulations for big corporations.....that will create some jobs...only thing......we won't have any clean air or water. This clown is a john beener clone....and as useless as tits on a bull. Cingrats voters fr the fine job you did in electing him+++++do it again when he is up fo reelection...he is all about jobs...especially minimum wage jobs.
Robert January 18, 2014 at 04:15 PM
Were they really the two major stories last week. I wonder if he has heard about that fat jersey Read Moregovernor closing down te busiest bridge in the entire world for no reason whatsoever. he was responsible for a womans death who died after the ambulance couldn't make it on tme due to the massive traffic jams. To me that is MURDER 1. But he has murdered in the past and walked away without even a reprimand whn he went the wrong way on a one way street and killed a man. Not even a traffic ticket was issued. Didn'tyou hear those stories last week Goofus?
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